McFarlane's Bark - Frequently Asked Questions


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Job Opening: Dispatcher Milwaukie Sales Office

Full Time - 4 Days per week: March - November  Sunday-Wednesday

3 Days per week: December - February

Excellent communication and customer relation skills required.  Problem solving. Arrange practical order of deliveries by using the Thomas Guide map book.  Recording the dispatched vehicles on the ERoad system. Perform sales of product in Front Sales Office and over phone delivery orders and inquiries.  Heavy phone and radio use between Customers, Drivers and Management.  Spreadsheet document updating, driver schedule changes, etc.  Front Office Sales infrequently.  Rare back up at the Scalehouse; manually measuring commercial vehicles.  Visual inspection and ability to discern the correct or incorrect feedstocks that McFarlane's is permitted and licensed to accept for recycling according to Metro and DEQ guidelines.  Out door work 10% of the day.  Keep appropriate clothing for the weather on hand. High School Diploma or GED required.

$14.00 - $16.00 Depending Upon Experience - Negotiable

Minimum 6 years retail Sales.  Transportation industry of any type preferred.

Pre-emloyment: Pass a drug screen test and background check. To request application: Ann McFarlane at 503-654-1237, or apply in person to McFarlane's Bark, Inc. at 13345 SE Johnson Road, Milwaukie, OR 97222.

This site was designed to guide and help answer questions about your bark dust, compost and yard debris recycling needs. McFarlane's carries a variety of landscaping supplies that will help meet the challenges of any size job.

Complete with a gardening center as well as a variety of bark and compost products, McFarlane's also carries sand, rock products, fill dirt, soil mixes, cedar chips and sawdust.

McFarlane's offers delivery for additional convenience (See services page for details or call for an estimate)

Last but not least, McFarlane's yard debris recycling center is a perfect place to drop off any unwanted yard waste materials. We accept: branches, leaves, grass, chips, weeds, sod, thatch and wood.


McFarlane's can deliver your bark, compost, rock and soil directly to your home or job site. We have different size delivery vehicles to make your delivery the most efficient and timely that is possible.

Our minimum delivery of bark and compost products is 1 yard. Rock and soil products at a minimum of 1 yard.
Most seasons we deliver 7 days a week!