US Composting CouncilCompo-Stuff Uses

Soil amendment: Provides a slow release of nutrients to enhance existing soil. Apply approximately ¼” as a base for seeding grass.

Ground cover in landscaping: Apply about 3-4” for a top covering for landscape.  It’s dark in color which is a great contrast to plants.   Placing over roots of plants will conserve water and balance soil temperature.  The additional nitrogen and carbon of the product will feed the soil food web structure.

Erosion control, turf remediation: 3 - 4” layer can be placed directly on top of soil to enhance the growth of plants and other vegetations, thus, saving the soil from eroding due to zero plant life.

Bioremediation and pollution prevention: Cured compost will break down contaminates in water or soil.  The microorganisms will consume the contaminants, digest and metabolize them and then transform them into carbon monoxide, water and salts which are less harmful. 

Remove solids, oils, and heavy metals from storm water runoff: By allowing the water run off to run through the porous compost it will filter out chemical contaminants.