McFarlane's Bark - Recycling Services
Recycling Services

McFarlane's Bark has it's own on-site recycling service and currently accepts the following:

Yard Debris Recycling

Composting Operations

Accepting any size vegetative yard debris that is biodegradable, such as: branches, trees, stumps, leaves, grass, chips and sod that has been cut with a sod cutter; as we cannot process dirt.

Effective August 8th, 2013, due to fluctuating changes in the Hog Fuel industry market, please call McFarlane’s prior to heading in with your wood waste recycling. (This affects both locations Vancouver and Milwaukie)

Wood Waste Recycling

We accept any clean wood that is commercially and/or mill-dimensionally cut. such as: Plywood, pallets, building waste.

Recycling Wood Waste
Rubble Recycling - (Milwaukie Yard Only)

Must be source separated:

  • Concrete without rebar
  • Brick
  • Black asphalt
  • Clean Rock without dirt


Christmas Tree Recycling - for a small fee.

2017 Locations Accepting Donations to Recycle Your Tree:

- 9AM - 3PM : Dec. 30th & 31st; Cleveland High School Field; SE 31st & Powell Boulevard; Girls Lacrosse Team
- 9AM - 4PM : Dec. 30th & 31st, and Jan. 6th; Gresham Fred Meyer; 2497 SE Burnside Road; Boy Scout Troop 707
- 9AM - 4PM : Dec. 30th, Jan. 1st & 6th; 12505 NE Halsey; Boy Scout Troop 606
- 8AM - 4PM : Dec. 30th & 31st, Jan. 6th & 7th; 1001 SE 135th Avenue; David Douglas High School Dad's Club
- Jan. 2nd & 8th; Holy Family Parish; 7425 SE Cesar Chavez Boulevard; Boy Scout Troop 64

All trees end up at McFarlanes for recycling.

Recycling Yards Not Accepting:

- Dirt (Accepted at Vancouver Yard –Information: 360-892-6125)
- Larger than a sixteen penny size nails
- Glass
- Steel
- Metal
- Plastic
- Melamine
- Linoleum
- Formica
- Roofing shingles
- Railroad ties
- Insulation
- Sheetrock
- Painted Wood
- Treated Wood
- Stained Wood

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Senior Discount
We offer a senior discount to all those who are over the age of 55.

Military Discount
Active, on Reserve or Retired - ID Required

Contact Us for current rates:


Milwaukie Recycling Yard: 503-659-4240
Vancouver Recycling Yard: 360-892-6125

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