McFarlane's Bark - Frequently Asked Questions
US Composting CouncilCompo-Stuff

McFarlane's Bark processes yard debris to the standards and specifications of the U.S. Composting Council.

The vegetation, once completing the composting cycle, is then screened to a finished product. Compo-stuff assists in amending and adding nutrients, to your soil.

Fine Compo-Stuff 5/8" dust, almost black in color. Great as a top dressing for your beds, or can be tilled into soil. Fine Compo-Stuff is recommended to apply to top of clay or sandy soils as a soil ammendment.

*All compo-stuff, regardless of size, assist in amending the soil and provides nutrients.

Soil and Planting Mixes
We offer screened soil and soil mixes

Screened Soil - Clay soil that has been screened.

Scottish-Blended Soil - This mix is 50% Fine Compo-Stuff, 40% clay soil, 10% Sand. Plants can be planted directly into the Scottish-Blended Soil.

3-Way Irish Mix- This mixture contains 1/3 Regular Fine Bark, 1/3 Fine Compo-Stuff, 1/3 Sand. Great for planting grass seed and sod.

Have a special soil mix request? Give us a call. We do special mixes upon requests.

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