Community Services - Contribution or fundraising requests to be sent here:

Email McFarlane's Community Services

Contribution or Fundraising
In order to consider your request, please provide McFarlanes with the following information:

  1. Contact Person
  2. Phone Number
  3. A letter of request on your association letterhead
  4. Organization Name
  5. Fax
  6. Address
  7. Tax ID Number
  8. Type of event
  9. The event date(s)
  10. Describe the type of contribution you prefer:

  11. a. Would you like recycling services?
    b. Would you like product? 
    c. What kind of product? 
    d. What quantity?
    e. Certificate for any product or service

  12. Would you like to pick up or have the certificate mailed to you? Provide the address if choosing US Mail.
We thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon!  If you have questions please feel free to contact us.

The McFarlane Family and Staff
Rosemont Ridge Middle School